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The world is a horrible place and all I want to do is die.

Name: Dylan LeMay - Schenectady NY/ Oneonta NY
-Vegan/Aspiring musician/Easy going guy that goes to SUNY Oneonta. I come here for the sads.
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Gene Simmons and Peter Criss 1975/1976


Gene Simmons and Peter Criss 1975/1976


I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life

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Kiss doesn’t need the approval of a bunch of aging hippies

Kiss doesn’t need the approval of a bunch of aging hippies




NPR posted an article with a title asking why people don’t read anymore, but the content was just an April Fools joke. Then people started to embarrass themselves.


Pictured: a proper April Fool’s joke.


Ignorance at its best


You just gotta take life one step at a time. [x]

I find it pretty funny that SJT’s jumped on my post without giving a second to look at my blog and about me. Scroll down and see my vegan pot pie.

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I wish I was kissin Dylan’s massive throbbing soul

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Wish I was touchin Jess’ fuckin bangin voluptuous heart

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Oh god I didn't even realize, my ability to tell the difference between sarcasm and actual stupidity has been destroyed. Sorry x10


I guess I got my first April fools without intending to! I forgive ya!

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I really wish vegans wouldn’t shove their beliefs down my throat. Respect my choice and I’ll respect yours… Like honestly

Once you start respecting the animals, I’ll start respecting you. Until then you can settle in because as long as they are being murdered, I’ll keep shoving FACTS and TRUTH down your throat. You deserve to know and hear about exactly what you contribute to.

Maybe I’ll shove facts and truth down my eyes and brain like I did two years ago when I went vegan, and maybe I’ll think twice about making a sarcastic post

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