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Name: Dylan LeMay - Schenectady NY/ Oneonta NY
-Vegan/Aspiring musician/Easy going guy that goes to SUNY Oneonta. I come here for the sads.
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Rookie Of The Year US Tour


Rookie Of The Year will be heading out on tour in April and May with Young Bloods, Mechanical Kids, Mikey Hynes, Sunday Night Scene, City Under Siege, and Eryn Woods. Check out the dates below by clicking “Read More.”

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I saw these guys play to a crowd of 15 way back in the day!

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    He still usually plays for crowds of 15.
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    Yea I was at that northern lights show, I remember seeing Brian and Jacob there. My cousins band opened for them I think
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    I opened for them once at Samuel’s Coffee Shop.. thing. And I remember pre-Our Longest Hours (Alive for Once) opened for...
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